My Studio

I am fortunate to have a dedicated room for all my crafting goodies. As you can see, I need an organized, functional, and clutter free work area. I pride myself on being able to access what I need easily. I constantly tell my husband, "it is all about storage!" Making good use of the space you have is critical. I find that high adjustable shelves are great because they are not deep and you can see what you have easily. I use lots of clear plastic storage boxes and enjoy using VHS tape cases as a good way to sort small crafts.  Each box is numbered and I have a master list of the contents so I can find what I need.

 The pink towers hold ink & stamping supplies & the drawers hold wooden stamps.

 Narrow shelves for plastic storage and magazine boxes.

Plastic drawers store light items like alphabets, yarn, & ribbons and the
file cabinets for heavy items like papers, card bases, and envelopes.

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