Sunday, 9 December 2012

Button Wreath

Hi, Today I’m sharing a fun button wreath that could be a tree ornament, card embellishment or a great gift topper for a crafty friend.

12 buttons (½ - ¾ in)
18 in wire (26 gauge)
wire cutters & scissors
gems, holly, charms, jingle bells etc
hot glue gun

1. arrange your buttons in a pleasing manner varying color and size
2. thread one button onto the wire leaving 5 in of wire at the end
3. thread wire through the second hole pulling slowly to avoid the wire twisting and getting kinks; stop frequently to readjust the wire. (this is the most difficult part to get right)
4. thread another button and slide it down to the previous button
(buttons should overlap slightly alternating over & under)
5. After you have threaded all 12 buttons on the wire, form a circle and thread the wire back through the first button’s hole. (it will have 2 pieces of wire passing through the holes)
6. Both wires should be on the back of the project so you can twist the wire ends together to secure the wreath.
7. Create a bow for the wreath and use the wire ends to secure it.
8. Attach an embellishment (jingle bell, gem, or charm) in the center of the bow (attach with a hot glue gun if your wire ends are not long enough.)
9. Twist wire ends together, trim off excess, and discreetly bend wire ends down on the back of the wreath.
10. Thread a piece of ribbon or floss through the top button to hang.

As you can see, it is easy to get carried away once you try making these! 
Here is how our display looked for our Christmas Sale for charity.

                             Happy Holidays!

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