Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Patterned Paper

Todays theme for the Design Team at Practical Scrappers is using "Patterned Paper"  I choose double sided patterned paper and punched out 2.5 inch circles. I then folded 4 flaps on the circles so they became square. This is a great way to enjoy both sides of the paper and a fun way to add some clever dimension to cards and layouts. Visit the ladies at Practical Scrappers to see more ideas featuring patterned papers.


Patty Selah said...

I love your layout! I tried this technique with the circles and failed miserably...any secret to folding them to get a perfect square?

Karen said...

I cut out a square from a bit of chipboard that would just fit inside the circle with the 4 corners touching the edge of the circle. I fold the paper edges up against the stiff cardboard square to get a guideline crease. After i have the four edges bent, I remove the cardboard square and use a bone folder to make a clean crease. I guess the trickiest part is to figure out the dimensions of the square that will fit in the size of your circle. Hope that helps!