Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fun With Letter Stickers

What can letters be used for except for titles and what can you do with all those mostly used ABC sticker sets when you’ve used up all the vowels? If you don’t know, then stop by Practical Scrappers today and be inspired to think outside the box. 
I used letter stickers as a mask.  After I stuck my letters down, I used a spotty stamp and brilliance ink to stamp over the top of the stickers.  When I was satisfied that I had a dense enough background of dots, I removed the stickers to reveal the word.  Actually, I made my letters of washi tape because I knew that washi tape is easy to remove. I was very pleased with the confetti-like background for this trendy wedding card so I experimented with inking a rainbow colored confetti background.   

I hope to look at my collection of background stamps and try different patterns when I use this masking technique again.  (tip: Before removing the stickers, make sure that there is no wet ink clinging to the slick surface of the sticker that will smear onto your project by carefully laying a tissue over the area and gently blotting.)  

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