Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Smear, Smudge, Splatter...

It’s time to get MESSY and create a cool new background. 

I used Vaseline to serve as a resist which I applied directly to the background paper. The Vaseline acts to seal the original paper by protecting the pattern from the paint. My original patterned paper was maroon with lime green vine design. I decided what area of the paper I wanted to remain true and then used my finger to apply the Vaseline Next, I applied yellow acrylic paint over the entire background page with a sponge brush. I brushed on the paint using light strokes going over the areas with Vaseline too. After the paint has dried, I used a baby wipe to remove the Vaseline to reveal my new altered background paper. I did not attempt to create a pattern or distinguishable shape when applying the Vaseline. My goal was to create a distressed & peeled paint appearance. I find this technique useful when I have a patterned paper that I don’t really like. If the pattern or color is not to my taste, I can alter it with Vaseline & paint.
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