Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Altered Clothes Pins

I saw these cute little canvas leaves and was inspired to make some autumnal themed clothes pins.  I plan to use them to decorate my kitchen by clipping them on the lamp or curtains to add a hint of "fall".  I might even add a magnet to the back of one and use it on the refrigerator to hold notes.  Here's a step by step of how I did it.

TIP: Since I have accumulated many sprays and mists, I make a sample card for each color by spraying a mini tag and attaching it to a jump ring. I write the brand & color on the back of the tag. Then I can quickly find the right colors when I am planning a project. (see photo below)

1. Prepare to Paint: Protect your work surface & wear gloves.  Place the canvas leaves on your craft matte or newspaper. Mist the leaves with 3-4 autumnal colors. With your finger, blend the colors together so they absorb into the weave of the fabric. I worked with all paint colors simultaneously. Remember to color the back side of each leaf as well. Set leaves aside to dry.

2. Color Clothes Pins: Attach washi tape to both sides of each wooden clothes pin. Carefully trim away excess tape with scissors and firmly press all edges securely.

3. Assemble Bows: Cut a strip of fabric about 1.25in x 4inches in length. Find the center of the strip. Pinch and twist one side of the fabric to the back and use a piece of wire to cinch the center of the bow twisting the wire to secure it. Trim the ends of the fabric if needed. Tie a small bow using jute or baker's twine.

4. Detail the Leaves:
When the leaves are thoroughly dry, take each leaf and fold it in half to the stem pressing firmly with your fingers.  The stiffened canvas will hold the gentle crease and the fold will appear to be the vein of the leaf giving it a more realistic appearance.

5. Embellish Clothes Pins:
Use a hot glue gun to attach the fabric bow to the end of the wooden clothes pin.  Next, glue a leaf in the center of the fabric bow. Finally, glue a twine bow on the leaf and embellish it with a button.

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