Monday, 6 February 2017

Heart Paper Chain Decorations - Rinea Design Team

Today's project features Rinea double sided metallic foil. I wanted to add a bit of Valentine's touches in my dining room but wanted something quick, inexpensive, & not too cutsie.  I chose red & pink paper foil because of it's lovely metallic sheen. Luckily, the paper foil is double sided with gold which suited my project perfectly. Heart paper chains are easy to make yet elegant to display. I think you will agree, they are simple yet sophisticated.

Heart chains hang from the light fixture over the dining table.
Heart chains hang from the metal wall art in the dining room.

Supplies: Rinea paper-foil 10-pack 15 cm x 25 cm (6" x 10") - Glossy Red/Gold & Glossy Pink/Gold, baker's twine, double sided tape

1. Apply a strip of double sided tape along the edge of a piece of paper foil.
2. Cut strips .5"x 6" (Each strip should have a bit of double sided tape.)
3. Fold each strip in half.
4. Gently curve each end in, remove baking paper, and attach ends together.
5. To join hearts, insert the end through the previous paper heart and adhere the ends.
6. Before adhering the last heart to the chain, attach the ends of a piece of baker's twine between the paper foil to form a loop and secure.


Nicole Robinson said...

This is so adorable! BL

Sarah Rosse said...

Simple but elegant! Love the foiled paper! Sarah BL

Unknown said...

Really cute idea for Valentines Day! I've never played with foil before. Ya kinda make me want to now. ;). BL