Thursday, 5 December 2013

Quick Recycled Christmas Cards

Hi Crafters,
Practical Scrapper Karen here today to share my tips for how to recycle last years Christmas cards into handmade creations. Cards without a large central image are not always easy to recycle into new projects. For cards with complex scenes or pretty backgrounds, these ideas work well.

1. Circles & Strips - I used a circle punch to selectively punch out the focal point of the card. Then I cut the remaining image into vertical slices. I varied the width of the strips and then reassembled the scene leaving a 1 cm space between each strip. For a variation, you can tear the edges or use decorative edge scissors. Finally, embellish the images with gems, glitter, ribbons, gel pen detailing, a sentiment, or rubber stamp a background etc.

2. Triangle Tree Puzzles - I cut a simple triangle tree shape from a Christmas card. Then I sliced diagonally through the tree and reassembled it leaving 1 cm gaps. This technique works well for a card with a focal image (like a nativity scene) or with a background (such as a frost covered holly bush.)

3.  Ornaments – Another technique for intricate images (aka: too hard to fussy cut) is to use a circle punch and turn them into festive ornaments by adding a cap and a bit of thread. Because my ornament is not attached and is free to swing, I put my secret Christmas greeting behind the ornament.
Happy Crafting!