Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Afraid of Stickers?

I generally do not use stickers because ...
1. They are flat and dull. 2. They are difficult to work with because you only have one chance to put them in the right spot. Stickers by definition are sticky and are therefore unforgiving if you change your mind and try to remove them. They are easily damaged or damage the surface of your project.

I discovered this helpful trick and now I don’t avoid using stickers. I find it less stressful to use stickers in a project if I first stick them to acetate or cardstock and then cut them out. Stickers become embellishments that I can play with and easily move around until I am pleased with the design. Then I don’t have to worry about dropping them, bending them, or adhering them at the wrong angle. For my layout, I stuck flowers & leaf stickers to a piece of transparency and then cut them out. In order to go from flat to fabulous and create a more 3D life-like appearance, I only applied the adhesive to the center of the flowers and gently bent up the petals. Taking the extra step of adhering and fussy cutting your stickers really helped eliminate the problems that stickers always caused me and now allows me to use all those stickers that went ignored & forgotten.
Visit Practical Scrappers to see other ideas using stickers.

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