Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autumn Wreath

Hello Crafters,
I am sharing a quick and simple Autumn wreath made with strips of fabric and best of all,

Supplies: fabric strips, scissors or pinking sheers, wire hanger
1. Cut strips of fabric. Strip size can vary but are about 1.5 x 8 in.

2. Bend the wire hanger to form a circle and tie each fabric strip onto the hanger.

3. Keep sliding them close together in order to cover the hanger completely. The more strips you use and the tighter you compact them, the prettier the wreath will be.
4. Continue adding strips until the desired fullness is achieved. When complete, trim the ends of the fabrics. I cut each strip to have a pointed end to resemble leaves but you may prefer a diagonal cut or a V cut.

5. Finally, decorate with a bow or other embellishment.

Any lightweight fabric would work well. (satin, organza, chiffon, cotton, lame, lace, velour, netting, or tulle) Fabrics should be cut on the bias if possible to minimize fraying and prevent unraveling edges. I suggest using a variety of colors & textures of fabric to give the wreath more dimension. This is a good opportunity to use up small fabric scraps or even recycle that blouse that got a stain on it. I also used some wide ribbon strips among the fabric strips. Hopefully, you can see the unlimited potential to make a variety of seasonal wreaths by combining different fabrics. This is a great family activity. (If the grown ups do the cutting, the kids could do the tying on!)

Happy Crafting!

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