Monday, 19 December 2016

Small Recycled Gift Boxes - Rinea Design Team

Let me tell you about the new Design Team I am on.  The company is called Global Crafting and specializes in a beautiful metallic crafting material known as paper foil.  Rinea foil is an amazing paper foil that can be cut, folded, punched, die cut, torn, painted, and it keeps its shape without wrinkles or tears.

Here is my first project featuring Rinea double sided metallic foil.  I recycled some clear packaging and covered it using Rinea red/gold foil. I embellished the lid with a rosette of glitter washi tape and ribbon. These little boxes are perfect to hold holiday candies to be given to the endless list of people that touch your life like neighbors, secretaries, mail man, doctors, teachers etc. 

Rinea Foil is imported from Germany and is made up of two thin layers of colorful aluminium foil with a sheet of paper sandwiched between them. This creates paper-like sturdiness and stiffness with the shininess and malleability of foil. Having paper-like characteristics makes it ideal for 3-dimensional crafts, as well as, embossing and die-cutting. However it is bent or folded, it will maintain the shape without crinkling the foil. Rinea foil comes in ten color combinations including bold, pastel, and metallic colors with two textures. Glossy and embossed finishes give you lots of options to create.  For more wonderful projects visit the Blog.



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Unknown said...

What a great way to upcycle. This can be used all year round!